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prjmod supports flatshift and launch control with antilag function.
Launch control is implemented using ignition retard to build boost and either ignition or fuel cut (more cat friendly).
Flatshift is implemented using ignition cut and requires a clutch switch to be wired in to the ECU.

Flat shift algorithm

Flat shift is active when the following conditions are met:

  • The car is not stationary (vehicle speed is not 0)
  • Pin 39 has 12V applied to it
  • The throttle position is WOT ("Min TPS for NLS")
  • The RPM is higher than the pre-set RPM ("Min RPM for NLS")

Clutch switch wiring

The clutch switch should be connected to Pin 39 at the ECU connector. When the clutch is depressed, there should be 12V and when the clutch switch is not depressed there should be no signal (the ECU has an internal pulldown).

Launch control algorithm description

In general the launch control is always active when the vehicle is stationary. If you have a car without VSS, set the launch control fuel cut/spark cut RPM equivalent to normal cutout, set the ign retard to be 100 rpm before the revlimiter.

  • Launch control RPM limit - fuel cut. If RPM is above this preset, sequential fuel cut is activated.
  • Launch control IGN cut RPM - spark cut. If RPM is above this preset, sequential spark cut is activated.
  • Launch control IGN retard RPM. If RPM is above this preset, ignition is forced to a static angle and knock control is switched off.
  • Launch control IGN angle. This is the ignition angle that ignition is forced to. The values are ATDC. Increase this to build more boost, reduce it to build less boost. High boost off the line is not terribly useful, there should be enough boost that the car doesn't bog, usually 1 bar is plenty.