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Initial setup

Download the following:

Setting up TunerPro RT

  • After installing, edit the TunerPro shortcut and add the -multiinstance command line parameter, this will allow you to open multiple TunerPro instances at the same time.
  • Copy the checksum plugin (M232csum.dll) to My Documents\TunerPro Files\Plugins. If you are using Windows 10 it can also be in your OneDrive folder. Best way to see is to start TunerPro once and exit.
  • Load the .xdf file (XDF -> Select XDF).
  • Load the acquisition file (Acquisition -> Load Definition File).
  • Load the binary file (File -> Open Bin).
  • In the upper left corner of the map selection view, choose to view by "Category".

Setting up WinLog

  • Load the dashboard. File -> Open Dashboard
  • Load the M2.3.2 driver. View -> Device Configuration
    • If the driver is not listed -> Have disk and select WinlogM232FastDiag.dll
    • A window will pop-up with settings - select the COM port you are using for your cable/splitter. The sensor settings are pre-set for the MPXH6400A
  • Turn on the ignition and if you did everything correctly, you should see data streaming
  • To log File -> Start new datalog
  • To view/stop log File -> Open last datalog
  • When using WinLogView - File -> Open Graph, and select m232_fast.wlg for a pre-configured view.

COM Port Splitter

If you want to use WinLog and the TunerPro acquisition at the same time, then you will need a COM port splitter.
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